Marching Band Problems

Sep 3

excuse u punk my brother plays tuba and hes just a tall skinny kid [i swear hes so skinny im surprised he can march with a sousaphone]


key word: stereotype

Sep 2

Flute player stereotype?


Meadow frolickers 

Sep 2

What's the tuba stereotyping?


Solitary manly people with muscles.

is this my fault

So I’m not sure how this happened, but I was typing a reply to one of the asks in my inbox and all of a sudden, all of the messages got erased.  So if you have submitted one that I have not answered yet, please re-submit it if you are so inclined.

So sorry about that!

What is the sax Player stereotype?


attractive foreign people with sunglasses



This Anon is a prime example of what many Anons should strive to emulate.

This isn't a question but I'm proud to be the only mello in my small band :)

Okay for the record, everybody, you do not have to submit questions or problems to this blog.  It’s an open community for general band-related discussion, so don’t worry if you would like to talk about something other than an actual issue.  

As for the actual statement, mellos rock.  And I feel for your appreciation of solitude.  After all, when it’s just you, don’t have to worry about communication problems. 

  • teachers: so is everybody excited for the weekend
  • band kids: ha what weekend


wanting a gush and go like

WATER we doing next

guys what the heck this is comedy gold