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Hey, I'm new to the tumblr marching community and I don't really know what to do...

It’s like any other band of geeks (no pun intended); hang out on the marching band tags, follow blogs that you find there, send asks to other band nerds, etc, and you will find your place nice and comfy with the rest of us.

Welcome, my child.  Soon you will be one of us.

Also throwing around the term “hey yo flutes” won’t hurt anything.

What about dat Sousa love??!


calling all sousaphones, this is a drummer, repeat, this is a drummer.

I feel very determined because as hard as I hear marching band is, I have a year to learn flute and I'm really intended on joining for high school!


Alright, rock on!

Hi, I'm a freshman (or gunkie as the upperclassmen call us) and my school's marching band has over two hundred members. I know everyone in my section (flute section is the best section amiright) but I'm really shy and don't really know how to talk to anyone else because there are so many people that I don't know. Any advice for making friends?


If you’re ever confused about something or want more information, asking somebody in your section (or anybody in the band really) instead of, say, Googling it is a great way to begin interacting with people.  Don’t be shy to make inquiries, accomplishing things is all about stepping outside your comfort zone!  If you want to go the extra mile, you can ask to stick with somebody for a seat at lunch on band camp days or invite somebody to practice a scale or two with you.

Other than that, rest assured that nature will take its course to introduce new friends to you if you really want them; since marching band kids have to spend so much time around each other, it’s kind of difficult not to become acquainted with your teammates.  As long as you stay kind and do your due diligence, you’ll do just fine!

What's the bass clarinet stereotype


hipster saxophones who either have weird hair or wear glasses

I have my first marching band on Monday on the flue I haven't played the flute in band for a year but I have been practicing but I'm still extremely scared they'll kick me out if I suck. (Incoming freshman)

It sounds like you’re ready and dedicated; compared with other freshmen who likely have much less of an idea what they’re doing (some have never played an instrument before at all), I’m sure it’s a fair calculation that the staff should find no reason to kick out a person with drive and experience.

It’s also a fair calcuation that, since you’re practicing, you probably don’t “suck.”

My high school band is incredibly small and mostly made up of seniors. After they graduate this year, there will only be five people left. We've only been getting one freshman each year because the other ones either drop out or they don't join at all. Do you have any ideas for trying to recruit people? I've been trying to but people have misconceptions of band so they won't join :(


  • Recruitment video(s): Film the highlights of marching band and interviews of the upperclassmen explaining why they’ve joined and what it’s like for them.  Share the video via sending it to the lower schools or at an orientation.
  • Orientation: A date set up which invites middle schoolers to come to the high school and get toured and educated on marching band and why they should join.  People who present/lead the orientation should be good salesmen; excellent opportunity to banish the misconceptions and be interacting with the potential recruits.
  • Middle School Band Night: Superimposal of middle school students with the high school students at a football game; have them bring their own instruments and sit and that stands to play the tunes with the rest of the band.  Guaranteed to sound absolutely horrible for a night, but it’s a good way for the younguns to get their feet wet before joining up.
  • Circulate the message: Simple method of sending out letters or emails to potential recruits explaining why marching band is a good program to join.  It’ll seem redundant, but nothing’s like presenting the idea on paper.

Good luck!

Hey yo I'm a flute

they answer the call

this guy in my section(contra)is a complete ass that knows everything He shoulder checked me on the field purposely (ima girl) and I couldn't do anything because we were about set I want to go off on him so bad but its band I dont want to start drama


It’s good to not start drama.  Very good.  Don’t be resident band drama lama.

Letting karma bite his ass is way more rewarding, believe me.